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Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye

Settling into a Comfort Zone may seem like a good idea at the time, it could be quite appealing to a lot of individuals. After all it makes for an easy life! Or does it?

Sometimes getting too comfortable happens without you even realizing it. However a comfort zone while it may feel safe and even secure can be detrimental to your ability to have a more fulfilling life.  Being too comfortable often means that you have stopped going after what you said you wanted out of life. It can prevent you from being more than you already are. For many it’s a dangerous and self sabotaging place to be.

A comfort zone is not always that comfortable

The odd thing is, a comfort zone is not always comfortable, it can actually get to be quite uncomfortable, but what’s appealing is that it’s familiar. It may appear to be a safer place than the unknown. This is often the reason why so many people stay in bad situations that they know they should remove themselves from. Because the alternative is most likely going to create discomfort and maybe more fear they stay in it. Taking action and leaving that comfort zone behind by stepping out means things will automatically change, that things will be uncertain at least for a while. It may be even more scary in the short term.

Are you sabotaging your life?

There are so many ways people use their comfort zones to hold them back, keep them stuck and sabotage their lives. Here’s just a few examples…

How many people are in jobs that they hate? They get up every morning dreading the day ahead. They go to work where they spend a good deal of their life in a situation that they are just putting up with. Why? because they know what to expect and what’s expected of them. It’s familiar and somewhat comfortable for them though they may hate being there and can’t wait to leave. Even though they are miserable they are unwilling to take a leap of faith to go after something else that they would be happier doing.

What’s your comfort zone costing you?

There are those that stay on a disability or unemployment income even though they know that they are never going to improve their situation while they are on it. Many are worth far more. They are capable of finding other forms of income which will pay them more, but they are afraid of risking the income that they are already guaranteed. No matter how small that income is, it offers some security, but it comes at a cost. It takes away their ability to do better, to improve their situation as well as to feel better about themselves. Plus they sacrifice their freedom of choice in other areas. There are always limitations when your at the mercy of others and some really have no other choice but many do.

Sometimes you have to give up something to get something better…

You may know of people in this type of situation, I certainly know of people where there have been opportunities for them to do something that they are more suited to and they are capable of doing. Options that would benefit them in a number of ways, financially and emotionally. But in order to be able to take the opportunity it means having to give up their unemployment or disability income. They would also have to step away from their comfort zone in order to create change, so they choose to stay stuck.

To be stuck in a comfort zone applies to all areas of life, including health, finances and relationships and addictions. Many people stay in relationships feeling totally unhappy and desperate. This can be for many reasons including loneliness, trust issues, control and infidelity, also various forms of abuse which happens to both men and women. Women especially are known to stay in abusive and sometimes dangerous situations. Often it’s because of fear, low self esteem, financial reasons and often because they know what to expect. Even though they’re miserable and often afraid, it’s familiar.

If they left their relationship it would mean starting over, maybe leaving their home, having to take responsibility for themselves and maybe their children too. For these and other reasons  many stay in that uncomfortable, familiar comfort zone that they have created for themselves. On a very serious note-for those in really bad abusive situations the fear is real and they do need to be particularly careful. They should always seek help and support before making any move that could put themselves or children in jeopardy. No, it’s not easy and far more difficult for some than others even though they may desperately want to change their life.  This is another reason to do it for yourself when you are fortunate enough not to be in a desperate situation that may make things impossible.

Don’t risk complacency

Even if you’re in a good relationship don’t get too comfortable as even these can still suffer in the long run when you’re stuck in too much of a comfort zone. It’s easy to become complacent, risk boredom and eventually resentment which can lead to much bigger problems. Keep things interesting, grow your relationship, explore options to make life more interesting. Explore new experiences and ways of having fun, bring excitement into your relationship.

While making change is a scary thought, consider how your life could be if you do find the courage to go after what you want. What a different life you could create for yourself, a life that you actually want and deserve.

Most things you want you’ll find outside your comfort zone

If you want to get more out of your personal life, professional life or your business you really have to shift out of your comfort zone. Most of what you really want you’ll find outside of there.

Once you become too comfortable in your life it means you stop growing, stop improving. Successful people are always open to new ideas and opportunities to improve. They have no problem finding new ways to grow and enhance their lives.

A Comfort zone like procrastination can also be just plain old excuses for not taking action. When you kid yourself and try convincing others that everything in your world is just wonderful, while you secretly crave for more, you are cheating yourself and possibly others from having a better life.

Maybe it’s time to take some risks, step outside the box you’ve created for yourself if you want to see change happen.

It’s time to Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye.

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